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"Mickey Vs. Winnie" set for production in the ultimate childhood icon showdown

Today, it was announced that Untouchables Entertainment and iHorror are merging the worlds of Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse (like "Freddy Vs. Jason") in the upcoming horror film "Mickey Vs. Winnie." Directed by Glenn Douglas Packard from an original script, the movie explores public domain characters in a new light. The story revolves around a group terrorized by mutated versions of beloved childhood icons in an Airbnb. Check out the awesome poster!

Two decades after the horror genre was redefined by epic battles such as 'Freddy vs. Jason', ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ and 'Alien vs. Predator,' a new film is stepping into the ring, offering a gory smackdown for horror enthusiasts. Untouchables Entertainment, in association with genre website iHorror, is in production on Mickey vs. Winnie, the latest entry in the lineup of nightmarish interpretations of children’s figures.

Mickey vs. Winnie takes the now-public-domain characters from A. A. Milne’s 'Winnie-the-Pooh' books and Mickey Mouse from the 1920s Steamboat Willie cartoon and pits them against each other in a bloody duel where only one can survive.

Glenn Douglas Packard / Danielle Motini

Glenn Douglas Packard, an Emmy nominated choreographer turned filmmaker (Pitchfork), is attached to direct from his original script. Packard shared his vision, "Horror fans call for the thrill of witnessing icons like the new Aliens and Avengers sharing the screen. While licensing nightmares make such crossovers rare, Mickey Vs Winnie serves as our tribute to that thrilling fantasy."

In the 1920s, two convicts escape into a cursed forest only to be dragged and consumed into the depths of the dark forest's muddy heart.  A century later, a group of thrill-seeking friends unknowingly venture into the same woods. Their Airbnb getaway takes a horrifying turn when the convicts mutate into twisted versions of childhood icons Mickey Mouse & Winnie-The-Pooh, and emerge to terrorize them.  A night of violence and gore erupts, as the group of friends battle against their now monstrous beloved childhood characters and fight to break free from the forest's grip. In a horrific spectacle, Mickey and Winnie clash, painting the woods in a gruesome tableau of blood—a chilling testament to the curse's insidious power.

Packard will produce under his Untouchables Entertainment banner, alongside his creative partner Rachel Carter. Anthony Pernicka, founder of genre blog iHorror, is producing for his company of the same name. 

Pernicka enthused, "We're thrilled to unveil this unique take to horror fans. The Mickey Mouse featured in our film is unlike any iteration audiences have encountered before. Our portrayal doesn't involve characters donning basic masks. Instead, we present deeply transformed, live-action horror renditions of these iconic figures, weaving together elements of innocence and malevolence. After experiencing the intense scenes we've crafted, you’ll never look at Mickey the same way again.”

Production is underway in Michigan. Packard is represented by MTA.

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