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NIGHTMARE RADIO: THE NIGHT STALKER / Poster and Trailer Revealed

Nightmare Radio: The Night Stalker, the new film produced by New Zealand´s Black Mandala (a concept by Nicolás Onetti and Michael Kraetzer). With argentinean Charly Goitia, as the director of the main story, it stars Paula Brasca and Agustín Olcese.

A radio show becomes a very dark place in the sequel to the hit A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio, which was theatrical released in many countries. The film involves prestigious directors from all around the world, Ryan J. Thompson, Lorcan Finnegan, Nathan Crooker, Adam O’brien, Mia’kate Russell and David M. Night Maire.


Candy is a late-night radio dj with a program where people call to tell her "real" horror stories. One of her listeners begins to call her insistently. Candy quickly discovers that there is a strange connection between them. Soon she will find out how far an obsessed fan is willing to go...

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