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Official Trailer : THE FALL OF THE QUEENS

Uncork’d Entertainment has picked up Aleph Cine-directed Spanish thriller THE FALL OF THE QUEENS, skedding a June 7 digital release.

Two teenage sisters, Juana, and Mara, live in an isolated beekeeping country house with their aunt. When their cousin Lucio bursts into their lives, the perfect symbiosis that is their relationship is endangered: seduction, jealousy, rivalry, and the need to destroy whatever gets in the way begins to grow. The hive is preparing for the arrival of a new queen bee.

Malena Filmus, Lola Abraldes, Franco Rizzaro, Umbra Colombo, and Giovanni Ciccia star in the Wicker Man-style spooker.

"A sibling of The Wicker Man and Dare Me, THE FALL OF THE QUEENS has one heck of a killer concept and its been executed magnificently” said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. "The direction, cast and, most importantly, scares are superb”.


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