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Panic Fest 24' "The Buildout" - movie review

In "The Buildout," filmmaker Zeshaan Younus masterfully blurs the lines between reality and fiction in this anxiety-driven found footage flick. The story follows two friends embarking on one final bike ride in the hills, only to encounter strange occurrences hinting at extraterrestrial or cult involvement. It delves into themes of letting go and the unexpected challenges it presents.

Jenna Kenall delivers a reliable performance as "Cameron," the steadfast friend grappling with this new chapter in her life. Her portrayal offers both strength and vulnerability as the duo faces unforeseen obstacles. As "Dylan," Hannah Alline's character embarks on a journey of religious conversion, raising questions about the enigmatic group she joins. Both leads skillfully explore the complexities of their relationship and the fragility exposed by its rupture.

"The Buildout" offers a tapestry of visions, scientific elements, and hidden layers that may require multiple viewings to fully grasp. Yet, the narrative remains clear in its focus on the two protagonists' journey from a day of reflection to one of spiritual awakening. Visually striking and boasting outstanding performances, this film appeals to cerebral sci-fi enthusiasts and found footage fans alike.


The Buildout

Director: Zeshaan Younus

Cast: Jenna Kanell, Hannah Alline, Michael Sung-Ho

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