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Pluto TV Launching Exclusive RetroCrush Anime Block

DMR (, a leading independent digital media and entertainment company, announces a new content agreement with Pluto TV, the leading free streaming television service, resulting in the launch of an eight-hour RetroCrush branded block of anime programming airing on Pluto TV’s “Anime All Day” channel. DMR launched RetroCrush, their digital channel devoted to classic anime, in March 2020. Pluto TV audiences will get to experience anime television series and movies from the RetroCrush lineup including popular titles from the 70s, 80s, and 90s ̶ for free.

Remarked DMR Director, Digital Distribution and Content Strategy John Stack, who engineered the Pluto TV deal, “DMR’s goal for RetroCrush from day one has been to utilize our vast library to provide anime fans with the world’s best series and films. We have done so by launching RetroCrush first as a social media channel, then a standalone OTT service, and then a free ad supported linear channel. Now, and in that same spirit, we’re showing our flexibility as an independent media company to be able to offer Pluto TV an engaging block of classic anime programming to its expanding audience.”

The RetroCrush programming block will start on Thursday, March 4 and will stream every Thursday and Saturday. Titles include: Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier, GoShogun: The Time Étranger, Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris, Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth, Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods, Saint Seiya: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle, GoShogun, Dragon Half, Yamibo: Darkness, The Hat and the Travelers of the Books, Ramen Fighter Miki, Love Hina Again, Honey and Clover.

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