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Psychological Thriller BIBI coming to CINEQUEST

Psychological thriller BIBI has jumped into the festival circuit with its entry into CINEQUEST. The silicone valley film festival will unveil the Christopher Beatty film in front of what we assume will be a packed house next week. Check out the full announcement ahead including the extraordinary looking trailer.

BIBI is a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the harrowing journey of Vivian Ashwood (Elizabeth Paige, "And Just Like That"), a grieving woman haunted by tragedy and tormented by a menacing stranger.

Battling her own inner demons, Vivian spirals into a dark abyss of prescription medication and alcohol as she desperately tries to cope with her overwhelming loss.

As Vivian's nightmares blend with her waking reality, she becomes trapped in a disorienting labyrinth of fear and uncertainty.

As the torment escalates, Vivian seeks solace in Bibi (Judith Ann DiMinni), but their relationship is strained by the weight of grief and resentment that lingers.

Fueled by her love for Bibi, Vivian embarks on a treacherous quest for answers. She grapples with the blurred lines between what is real and what is delusion, constantly questioning her own perception of the truth.

With every revelation, Vivian's desperation intensifies, driving her to question her sanity and ultimately face the terrifying truth.


BIBI WILL PREMIERE AT CINEQUEST: Thursday, August 17 @ 7:15 PM PT and Tuesday, August 22 @ 2:15 PM PT Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose BIBI will also be showing at the upcoming Catalina Film Festival. Stay tuned for details! GET TICKETS

DIRECTOR/WRITER: Christopher Beatty PRODUCERS: Christopher Beatty, Logan Hunter, Eddie Micallef, Glen Trotiner EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jaime Badaan, Jack Doyle, Robert Stanton CAST Elizabeth Paige, Judith Ann DiMinni, Tammy Blanchard, Rick Zahn, Juliana Davies, Rowan Castro, Nathan Faudree

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