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Sci fi comedy "The Last Movie Ever Made" out now on demand

Looking for a lighter take on end-of-the-world films? Check out "The Last Movie Ever Made" by Nathan Blackwell. Follow a man's quest to complete his childhood sci-fi movie before time runs out. Starring Adam Rini, Megan Hughes Rini, Craig Curtis, and Dallas Teat.

Marshall is pushing forty and adrift in his life. But when he finds out the world is ending in thirty days, he embarks on a mission to finally give his life some meaning… to shoot the unfinished sci-fi movie he abandoned in high school. He must quickly rekindle old relationships, forge new ones, and lock down some decent equipment if he has any hope of completing the long-lost epic.

Written + Directed by: Nathan Blackwell

Cast: Adam Rini, Megan Hughes Rini, Craig Curtis, Dallas Teat, Logan Blackwell, James Hoenscheidt, Chris Hoenscheidt, Jodie L. Weiss, Ryan Gaumont, Grace Rini

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