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Trailer Premiere! THE BELL KEEPER From the Creators of Final Destination In Theaters 10/13

Heading to theaters later this week is the latest slasher flick from the creators of FINAL DESTINATION - THE BELL KEEPER. This film delves into the eerie world of urban legends as it follows a group attempting to debunk a chilling myth about a malevolent killer who materializes at a campsite whenever a bell is rung. As the crew digs deeper, they discover that some myths are more than just tales, and they come with deadly consequences.

Directed by Colton Tran, this slash and dash cinematic experience has just dropped an intriguing new trailer. Be sure to get a sneak peek at what awaits in THE BELL KEEPER!

A group of friends travel to a haunted campsite with a mysterious bell. According to legend, if you ring the bell at midnight, a murderer will appear. This group’s plan to debunk the myth goes awry as they discover that the truth is stranger - and far more frightening - than fiction.

Directed by: Colton Tran

Written by: Joe Davison, and Luke Genton

Produced by: Artisha Mann Cooper, Jonathan J. Cooper, Chad Oliver, Nick Theurer, Kurt Van Fossen, and Kevin Weisberg

Starring: Randy Couture (The Expendables), Kathleen Kenny ("The Sex Lives of College Girls"), Reid Miller (Joe Bell), Mike Manning ("Days of Our Lives"), Bonnie Aarons (The Nun), and Chaz Bono ("American Horror Story")

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