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“Which pill to choose?” ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’ - movie review

Simulation theory has existed in the minds of sci fi nerds and geeks alike for sometime. Guys like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Tesla have been able to push the conversation into the mainstream and recently it has picked up some steam. Though many are unaware of the tragic vision that can be produced when one cannot tell the difference between real and fake. In the compelling documentary from Rodney Ascher. A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX we hear the tragic story of one young man,

but what’s even more intriguing are the arguments made on why he may have acted this way. Are we living in a computer simulation? Hopefully not because if we are then there would be no reason to read this review because the answers would be predetermined. Though there are many reasons to think we are and it’s about time we heard from “experts”.

Honestly A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX has a specific audience it can attach itself too but that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t watch this film. Naysayer will dispute every single aspect of the film so make sure you are around some open minded people when watching a film of this magnitude. Every single far fetched idea from video game rhetorics to deja vu are all discussed in this visually engaging feature. With so much in the film it’s funny to assume that they have missed another great list of examples of Simulation theory (comics?? Anyone???) but the thorough nature of the film settles it all nicely.

Unfortunately there is a downside to A GLITCH and it felt through the feature. When the MATRIX is introduced in the film it’s so rewarding because it’s the one part of the film that I feel will hit people instantly. We all remember the impact of the film but many might not know the tragic ending that happened to one young man in Virginia trying to determine the difference between real and not. That’s because even in the simulation theory there are consequences that some people aren’t qualified to handle. It does remind us that life should never be taken for granted , real , AI or anything of the sort. Not often do we get to see films that go past pushing the envelope. A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX does just that!

4.5 / 5

A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX is available now. it is directed by Rodney Ascher and is released courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

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