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Why TETROVIDEO is the new home for the extreme!!!

Here at HMU we have never been a stranger to the extreme. Honestly we have seen it all and have needed to keep your precious little eyes from watching some of these films which is next to snuff! One distro company that won't deny their love for the hardcore is TETROVIDEO check out their list to see how the stack up to the most extreme films in the past few years!

Features like eROTik", "XXX Dark Web", "Opera Mortem" and "Larva Mental" are just a handful of what you can expect from them and it's no surpise how these films rank. In the worlds of gore mayhem and torture few films measure up to AMERICAN GUINEA PIG but these three mention are right there.

XXX DARK WEB (2020) : anthological film on the burning contents of the darknet (dark net) and which combines depravity and obscenity without any taboos, rising to one of the most extreme and explicit films of recent years.

XXX Dark Web focuses on the worst part of the sexual sphere by shining the spotlight on auto-eroticism, sodomy, lesbian and sadomasochistic curtains confined to deviant and violent contexts. The result is a chilling representation of suffering and death in a deliberately bleak context in which various disorders of a sexual nature proliferate.

More of an anthology series (which is very common in extreme films) XXX DARK WEB brings out the horror every old person feared the internet would become.

Larva Mental (2020) is the title of the extreme film presented by the Italian director Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins) and directed by the newcomer Mikel Balerdi (born in 1985), an artist of Basque origin linked to the world of painting, tattoos and body suspension but also to that of the most extreme body art, a field in which it is known for its shocking and powerful shows.

Halfway between extreme and experimental cinema, Larva Mental is a mirror that reflects extreme body art as a form of transgression and expression but, above all, it is an excursion into the director's imaginative and painful mind.

LARVA MENTAL will be a tough watch for any viewer no matter how hardcore they are. If we were to say one film sticks out as possibly the most extreme of them all it would be LARVA MENTAL!

TETROMANIAC: EROTIK (Italy - 2019) : freely inspired by the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (1960 - 1994), eROTik explores the necrophilic theme by insisting, with a touch of pornography and without taboos, on the morbid sexual relationships of the murderer but also on the stages of decomposition.

With eROTik Domiziano Cristopharo offers a hellish and personal vision of a sick mind highlighting the relationship between executioner and victim and insisting on inflicted and received violence. Equipped with an accentuated aesthetic appeal and a fine directorial style, eROTik is one of the best films on necrophilia as well as in extreme cinema.

For a film to be linked with Jeffrey Dahmer it must be authentic. The true torment between a killer and it's victims is a terror like no other. This film takes it up a notch!

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