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"You can run, but you cannot hide from everything" 'They Wait in The Dark' - movie review

One of the things about Patrick Rhea is he has this uncanny storytelling ability. Not many people can blend family dynamics quite like him. Also he has a way of keeping a midwestern charm to his films which brings such familiarity. In his latest thriller THEY WAIT IN THE DARK we find the story of a young woman on the run with her son. Someone is chasing them that wants to do harm. Though whats waiting for them when they return to her childhood home could be even more frightening. THEY WAIT IN THE DARK is a treacherous revenge tale of love and family.

There are a few more things that I could say to describe THEY WAIT IN THE DARK but it would give away too much. In the story we find Amy (Sarah McGuire) who seems to be on the lamb. Someone or something is chasing her and her son. Their only hope is to find help in her hometown. A place she never wanted to come back to for so many devious reasons. THEY WAIT IN THE DARK has a few stories raveled in the mix of the overall picture. Luckily for us PATRICK has no issue blending them together for solid and engaging portrayal.

Once things developed you will see them venture into a few unexpected turns that should have you anticipating the gory finale.

The drama involved with THEY WAIT IN THE DARK is compelling enough to keep anyones attention. What will hold their attention will be the amount of carnage that starts to ensue as the film picks up. There weren't too many things I didn't enjoy with the film but I can tell where there may lie some issues. Some of the characters in the film aren't to engaging so that may lose a few. Also things become pretty predictable once we see a pivotal point early in the film. Still I don't there is much to hate but seems like everything gets picked apart these days so who knows!

Overall those familiar and unfamiliar with Patricks style should get a kick out of THEY WAIT IN THE DARK. It combines classic storytelling with great twists and a lust for vengeance.


THEY WAIT IN THE DARK Written and directed by award winning filmmaker Patrick Rea (Nailbiter, I Am Lisa)

Starring Sarah McGuire, Patrick McGee, Laurie Catherine Winkel with Paige Maria, Chris Bylsma and Meagan Flynn.

Available February 7th Digitally

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