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"You Shall Not Sleep Tonight" gets picked up by Black Mandala

The spine-chilling anthology "You Shall Not Sleep Tonight" from director Luciano Montes de Oca has been acquired for distribution by Black Mandala. This horror film delves into the haunting nightmares of a young boy, where the appearance of his father offers solace, yet reveals deeper, darker truths.

Presented by Black Mandala, "You Shall Not Sleep Tonight" weaves together an array of terrifying tales crafted by esteemed directors of genre cinema. Supported by the producers of the globally successful "The 100 Candles Game," Luciano Montes de Oca helms the anthology, promising audiences a riveting and fear-inducing experience.

Starring Milo Webb, Agustin Olcese, Bruno Giacobbe, Brenda Bonotto, Dan Bronchinson, Nicole Alexandria, Lauren Finley, Greg Lucey, William Frederick Knight, Ignacio Dure, and Gabriela Freire, among others, the film explores the unsettling encounters of a boy haunted by monstrous nightmares lurking in his closet.

As the boy seeks refuge in the comforting presence of his father, he soon confronts the true nature of these apparitions and the sinister forces threatening to consume him. With a gripping script by Camilo Zaffora, "You Shall Not Sleep Tonight" promises a descent into darkness that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

Directed by Luciano Montes de Oca, Guillermo Carbonell, Ben Deka, Julien Deka, Hervé Freiburger, Laura Kulik, and Filipe Melo, the film boasts a talented lineup of directors who skillfully bring these chilling tales to life.

With cinematography by Kasty Castillo, music by Luciano Onetti, and art direction by Paola Tolosa, "You Shall Not Sleep Tonight" is set to captivate horror enthusiasts with its atmospheric visuals and haunting soundtrack.

Executive produced by Martín Gerding and produced by Michael Kraetzer and Nicolás Onetti, this collaboration promises a nightmarish journey into the unknown.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release of "You Shall Not Sleep Tonight" as Black Mandala brings this bone-chilling anthology to audiences worldwide.


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