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"You should always fear the quiet game" 'Sound of Silence' - movie review

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Set to hit digital and VOD outlets early March is the terrifying new supernatural thriller from the filmmaker collaborative known as T3. Though they an aren't arm cannon wielding set of blondes they are Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà and Daniel Lascar. Their film SOUND OF SILENCE is a horrifying story played through darkness , motion and yes noises. The film becomes a playground to your ears as you follow a family being tormented by a spirit more evil than they could imagine. SOUND OF SILENCE will attempt to scare the voice out of you.

The story follows the alluring Emma (Penelope Sangiorgi ) an aspiring singer that may have the voice of an angel. The reason why I say "may" is she has some issues with following through. After hearing something tragic has happened to her parents back home in Italy she races off to be by there side. Her and her partner Seba (Rocco Marazzita) find out something evil has tormented her parents but what could it be? SOUND OF SILENCE becomes this visually grimacing production. Filled with dark shadows and blue overtones it really almost becomes 3 chapters told through light , shadows and sounds.

Now in regards to the scare factor I can understand why views are mixed. Classic jump scares aren't for everyone. Most of the time I feel like it's because viewers are too afraid to admit when they are scared. Still if done right they work. It's very surprising to me with so much Italian culture and influence behind SOUND OF SILENCE it felt very far eastern. Everything from the story arch to the look and the unveiling felt like something straight out of the South Pacific. Clearly these three filmmakers have a passion for asian cinema. If it happened to us here in the states with the countless remakes of Japanese and South Korean horror why wouldn't be elsewhere.

Believe me I'm not trying to dismiss anything from SOUND OF SILENCE its still a great , scary heat racing film. Though viewers that dislike this I'm sure also disliked films from the Far East region. I'm excited to see what's on the horizon for this collective. They are clearly students of the game and that always bodes well for future projects.


SOUND OF SILENCE is Written and Directed by: T3 - Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà, Daniel Lascar

Written and Directed by: T3 - Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà, Daniel Lascar

Cast: Penelope Sangiorgi, Rocco Marazzita (You Die, TV’s Jack Stall Dead), Lucia Caporaso (Baggage Red), Daniele De Martino (House of Gucci), Chiara Casolari, Peter Stephen Wolmarans, Alessandra Pizzullo (At War with Love)

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