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Binary Order Drops New EP Featuring Industrialized Papa Roach Cover

UK industrial band, Binary Order just unleashed their new EP; a release containing three remixes of previously released tracks and a reimagined, industrial cover of Papa Roach's song, "Thrown Away".

Says Binary Order's creator, Benjamin Blank, "The song’s subject matter is something that resonated sharply with me when I first heard it. It's about being an outcast and only knowing a life of being rejected. It has continued to resonate with me till this day."

The Thrown Away EP is available NOW on all digital platforms.

Binary Order Also Announces A New Album

The new Binary Orderalbum is called The Future Belongs To The Mad. It’s a twelve-track album and will be released in Winter of 2023. Currently, the album is in the very last stages of production. The album is heavier, darker and far more intense than the last record, but also is far more electronic-driven,

"I’m very excited to see how people react to what I consider the greatest musical achievement I’ve ever accomplished. “ - Benjamin Blank (Binary Order)

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