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GRIMMFEST 2021’ “Two Witches” - movie review

Anyone who is familiar with witches and witchcraft knows that the biggest component is the ritual and possibly the curse. In Pierre Tsigaridis TWO WITCHES we see a young woman who is learning how to come in to her own as a witch while another witch close to her is slowly starting to fade away. Filled with tons of jump scenes and really the essence of what being an evil witch is all about TWO WITCHES is a darker reminder of every single film that made you be afraid of witches.

Not since Sam Raimi’s DRAG ME TO HELL have you ever seen a movie really focus on the bad that a witch could do. It’s a very gypsy inspired film because it sends you through chapters in life. And in this life the people that surround you may dictate the good the bad and definitely the ugly.

Rebekah Kennedy as Masha drives you insane with her quirkiness vulnerability yet very likable stance. At times wanting to be on her side even though you can tell from the start her evil intentions. Instantly in the film I felt myself very very drawn to the dark ambient way that Pierre presented TWO WITCHES which really brought an essence of your early Italian and French cinema. This allowed the human characters to truly be terrified by only adding small special effects to what you see in the film. This is a classic horror movie fan film through and through but I do not feel it will resonate very well with younger audiences and here’s why. Playing the victim witches just isn't cool anymore. Even though there’s been some amazing films in the past 7 to 10 years that profile the development of good intentions of a witch. TWO WITCHES will really flourish as this film will be appreciated by those who appreciate the darker side of witches.

TWO WITCHES is a fun, campy, yet very assertive supernatural thriller that a lot of people will enjoy depending on their fondness for witchcraft in general. We are expecting an IFC Midnight type of pick up to straight direct Netflix style of a release for the film which isn’t bad because the more eyes that are on the film the better. I do feel that if they wanted to reach a younger audience there’s probably a little bit more that they would have needed to add to the film, it’s not a bad thing though as it's still very entertaining.


TWO WITCHES is directed by Pierre Tsigaridis written by Pierre Tsigaridis and Maxime Rancon.

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