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#GRIMMFEST2022 'Candy Land' - movie review

One of the films to keep on your radar is the seedy horror flick from John Swab CANDY LAND. Meet the "lot lizards" a group of sex workers who rule the truck rests stops. This particular one has a unique nickname with all that's available. A woman Remy (Olivia Luccardi) joins them from a religious group looking to "rebel" from her beliefs. She is introduced to a world of prostitution through the lens of a charismatic group of individuals. They take her under their wing but it's possible something more is at hand as bodies start piling up. CANDY LAND was pretty f**king rad! There first half of the film grabs you and the second half leaves you begging for more. You won't see what's coming with CANDY LAND.

The lot lizards are a close group. They look out for each other in the perverted realm they exist in. Everything is on the table and not much is off limits so you need a family like theirs for protection. That's why things get out of hand when bodies start piling up and the only thing that has changed is arrival of Remy. They welcome her in and show her all the ropes but the viewers get to see the story from a more sinister perceptive. CANDY LAND resembles a tale of survival that instantly shifts to slasher thrill zone. Many times we have seen the portrayal of the religious right but not with so much ferocity. The performances by crew are mesmerizing which really sucks you in before the big reveal.

CANDY LAND is going to do fantastic in any viewing. Not only will fans appreciate the bond they see in the lizards but they will love the carnage that falls to them. Olivia Luccardi is a must watch in CANDY LAND. This film will torment your morals knowing that the "lot lizards" world is a true thing. Though I don't even think white slavery culture is ready for the madness found in CANDY LAND.

3.5 / 5

CANDY LAND is directed by John Swab and stars Olivia Luccardi, Owen Campbell, Eden Brolin, William Baldwin, Virginia Rand, Sam Quartin and Guinevere Turner.

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