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"One sh** show after another" '12 Hour Shift' - movie review

Imagine your worse shift ever. No matter the industry the five letters (SHIFT) ring loudly in your ear when you think of nurses or anyone dealing in customer service. In Brea Grant's 12 HOUR SHIFT we find a drug addicted nurse with a back alley scheme to make money, dealing with a night from hell that may not be too far fetched from a normal one. 12 HOUR SHIFT is an instant late night grinder that will leave you wanting more.

SHIFT stars Angela Bettis as Mandy a morphine using nurse that clocks in to the night that won't end. A slew of other characters make their way throughout the story adding their own piece of chaos none more than her "cousin" Regina played by Chloe Farnworth. WWE legend Mic Foley also add a rewarding flair to the screen and adds the type of appeal to give the film it's quirkiness.

The dark comedy from Grant has tons of laughs and really makes an entertaining watch from start to finish. Once things get going there's no real intrigue or mystery of where the story is heading so one of the bad things about SHIFT is rhetoric never really changes. Bettis is a treat in any film she's in so don't expect anything less here. For some it may cause them to lose interest while for most the ride of SHIFT will be exactly what they want. Obscure and arrogant 12 HOUR SHIFT rolls down a late night movie rollercoaster.


12 HOUR SHIFT is Written and Directed by Brea Grant

Starring Angela Bettis, Chloe Farnworth, Nikea Gamby-Turner, Kit Williamson, and  David Arquette

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