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Spanish creepy doll supernatural film "Cursed" debuts trailer

Updated: May 1

Red Owl Films has secured the rights to "Cursed," a feature directed by Carlos Marbán. The film revolves around six girls linked by a doll named Molly, discovered years ago in a northern Spanish orphanage. Red Owl recently debuted a trailer for the film, which garnered "Best Film" at the esteemed Sitges Film Festival's "Terror en la Bahia" category.

Specializing in top-tier genre cinema, Red Owl proudly presents "CURSED," a horror film helmed by Carlos Marbán. Marbán describes it as a tribute to horror cinema, focusing on its young protagonists who tackle complex, dramatic, and intense roles with vigor and depth.

The film has received accolades, including "Best Film" at Sitges' "Terror en la Bahia," "Best Sound Design" at the "Tuesday of Horror" festival, and an "Honorable Mention" at the "Resistencia Film Festival." It is set for its next official screening at the Moscow International Film Festival.

The narrative revolves around six girls from disparate backgrounds but intertwined by Molly, a doll whose origins trace back to 1976 when she emerged from the ashes of the San Carlos orphanage fire in northern Spain.

Director: Carlos Marbán

Script: Carlos Marbán

Cast: Sara Belmonte, David Bollón,  Haizea Carneros, Daniela Casas, Noah Casas, Israel Frutos  Laia Núñez, Roxana Visan

Cinematography: Carlos Marbán

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