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Claustrophobic thriller "The Girl in The Trunk" heading to the US and Canada this month

Streaming on May 28th, "The Girl in The Trunk" is a gripping action thriller from Jonas Kvist Jensen. Watch as a young woman, trapped in a car trunk in her wedding dress with only her phone, plays a thrilling cat-and-mouse game. Starring Katharina Sporrer and Caspar Phillipson, don't miss this intense film courtesy of Sunrise Films.

Sunrise Films have announced the release of their upcoming claustrophobic horror/thriller The Girl in the Trunk

Strap in, and let the enigmatic thriller take you for a ride. Starring Caspar Phillipson (Jackie, Blonde) and Katharina Sporrer (Genius), and written and directed by Jonas Kvist Jensen, this tight tense thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat.


A woman finds herself kidnapped and entrapped in the enclosed space of a speeding car’s trunk, wearing her wedding dress, and with her phone as the only available tool. The situation deteriorates gradually as a failed escape attempt costs the life of an innocent bystander.


With the clock ticking towards a slow death from heat exhaustion in the Texas desert, a psychotic kidnapper at the wheel, Amanda is forced to make her own luck in the end. A dangerous game of questions and deadly consequences – to be played over the phone with the mysterious kidnapper – seems the only way to maybe discover his true identity, getting help or simply fighting her painful way towards a fleeting chance of escape.


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