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Trailer Debut | Ted Geoghegan's WWII Paranoia Chiller BROOKLYN 45, On Shudder June 9th

Prepare for a chilling journey back in time as acclaimed filmmaker Ted Geoghegan brings his latest cinematic masterpiece, "BROOKLYN 45," to Shudder on June 9th. This World War II paranoia thriller promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats with its gripping storyline and haunting visuals.


Set in the aftermath of World War II, on a fateful Friday evening, December 27, 1945, the film revolves around five military veterans who gather in the opulent parlour of a Brooklyn brownstone. These childhood friends have reunited to offer their support to their troubled host. Little do they know that their innocent intention of enjoying cocktails will take a sinister turn when an impromptu séance is initiated.

As the séance unfolds, the symbolic ghosts of their past become startlingly real, trapping the Greatest Generation in their host's lounge. Now faced with an unimaginable ordeal, these brave individuals must confront their deepest fears and embark on a final test of courage. Their only hope for escape lies in a path paved with bloodshed, and the question remains: Will they find freedom, or will they succumb to the horrors that await them?

Ted Geoghegan, known for his exceptional storytelling and atmospheric direction, expertly captures the essence of post-war America in "BROOKLYN 45." With each frame, he immerses the audience in a world filled with tension, paranoia, and psychological turmoil. The film's all-star cast delivers captivating performances, breathing life into characters haunted by the horrors of war.

"BROOKLYN 45" is a cinematic experience that transcends genres, combining elements of suspense, horror, and psychological thriller. Geoghegan's meticulous attention to detail ensures that every scene drips with authenticity, taking viewers on a thrilling journey through time and the human psyche.

Mark your calendars for June 9th, when "BROOKLYN 45" will premiere exclusively on Shudder, the premier streaming platform for horror and suspense. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the harrowing tale of these heroic veterans as they confront the demons within and fight for their freedom in a battle that may cost them everything.

Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive content leading up to the release of "BROOKLYN 45." Prepare yourself for a chilling experience like no other, as Geoghegan's latest film is set to leave an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

For more information and the latest news about "BROOKLYN 45," visit Shudder's official website and follow their social media channels.

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