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"A mission to die for" 'Burial' - movie review

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

You never know what life has in store for you until you are present in the moment. Every choice you make could lead you down different paths. At a time when the world was in fear of one man, we see a story of a woman's triumph. In the new action thriller from Ben Parker

BURIAL we find an intelligence officer leading a group on a very vital mission. Folklore and gunfire surround them as we watch a soldiers finding themselves through the raucous. BURIAL is an action packed non stop thriller with a very smart and engaging premise. It's a film even casual war movie viewers will enjoy.

The story follows Brana (Charlotte Vega) a Russian intelligence agent who is on a mission of a lifetime. She along with a small group of Russian soldiers have the task of delivering Hitler's body to Stalin. A secret they must keep as German soldiers loom near and far looking to dispel the notion that their leader is dead. Mix that in with a group of German soldiers called Werewolf that lurk in the shadows outside of villages ready to kill at any moment. So it's the ultimate journey that kicks off the moment the film starts. Precise and elaborate storytelling is what really makes BURIAL thrive. This could have easily been a throwaway war movie, but the involvement of this woman amongst men is so important to the dynamic of the film. We know this was a time in history were women were not treated as equals. BURIAL provides enough depth as not only a feminine driven thriller but as reminder of how far we have come as a society. We have all heard rumors on the death of Hitler and how the worlds fell apart. Though BURIAL provides a different approach that drives a fantasy aspect unlike any other tale before. The inclusion of the werewolf adds mysticism to the film and adds yet another layer to what is perceived to be happening to the soldiers. HARRY POTTER'S own Tom Felton shows up in the film which is always a treat to see childhood stars continuing their craft.

There wasn't too much to dislike with BURIAL as even the slower parts were intricate to the story telling. Viewers will be woven into the fabric of the film watching the soldiers protect the ultimate mission. Though there is enough action and violence to appease any fan of mayhem and carnage. BURIAL is for sure a film to keep on your radar this fall.

3.5 /5

BURIAL is Written and Directed by Ben Parker

Starring Charlotte Vega, Tom Felton, Barry Ward, and Harriet Walter

It will be available September 2nd courtesy of IFC MIDNIGHT.

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