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"Behind the Scenes: The Surprising Physical Reaction Lukas Gage Had While Filming 'Smile 2'"

Lukas Gage, known for his roles in "The White Lotus" and "Euphoria," recently shared a challenging moment during the filming of "Smile 2," the sequel to the 2019 horror hit, "Smile."

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Gage disclosed that he had a difficult experience on set, culminating in vomiting due to the intensity of a particular scene. The actor's revelation has sparked intrigue among horror fans, hinting at a potentially darker and more visceral sequel.

During filming, there was a scene that was so intense, it made me physically ill," Gage recounted during the interview. The actor's candid admission adds to the anticipation surrounding the sequel, which is expected to ramp up the shock value under the direction of filmmaker Parker, renowned for his understanding of the horror genre.

Despite Gage's ordeal, anticipation for "Smile 2" remains high, with fans eagerly awaiting details about the plot, which is currently shrouded in secrecy. The original "Smile" was lauded for its cerebral approach to horror, prompting speculation about the direction of its sequel.

"We believe this experience bodes well for horror fans. While the first 'Smile' may have leaned more towards psychological horror, expect the sequel to deliver heightened shock and terror, courtesy of Parker's expertise.

In addition to his role in "Smile 2," Gage can be seen in the upcoming "Roadhouse" remake, set to premiere tomorrow on Amazon Prime. The actor's versatility across genres continues to captivate audiences, further fueling anticipation for his forthcoming projects.

As details about "Smile 2" gradually emerge, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a chilling follow-up to its predecessor. Stay tuned for further updates as the film's release date approaches.

Credit : SiriusXM Youtube Page

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