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Beyond Fest Presents Nikhil Nagesh Bhat's "Kill" back in theaters this June



June 29, 9:30 PM

Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood

Last September, Beyond Fest surprised its audience with the premiere of Nikhil Nagesh Bhat's hyperviolent film "Kill." The film ended with an ovation, as the crowd roared the film's title, "Kill." Following its enthusiastic reception, "Kill" is set to receive a wide release on July 4th. Before this, the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood will host a special screening on June 29th, with producer Guneet Monga and members of the cast in attendance.

"Kill" follows the story of an army commando named Amrit, who is looking to escape his arranged marriage. During a train ride to New Delhi, a group of armed bandits invades the train, turning the journey into a battle for survival. Only Amrit and his friend stand between the passengers and the violent intruders.

The film is presented in conjunction with the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA), American Cinematheque, Roadside Attractions, and Lionsgate.

Beyond Fest reflected on the film's initial screening, stating, "Last September we premiered 'Kill' to an unsuspecting audience on the opening night of Beyond Fest. What followed was the stuff of legend - never before in a theater have hundreds of people broken out in euphoric chants of 'KILL! KILL! KILL!' Such is the power of Nikhil Nagesh Bhat's electrifying tale of hyperviolence, 'Kill.' Aptly named with an overwhelming body count that has earned it the official title of 'the most violent film made out of India,' 'Kill' is a relentlessly rewarding slab of action cinema that is a must-see with an audience and on the biggest screen."

The special screening at the Egyptian Theatre promises to be a significant event for fans of action and hyperviolence, offering an opportunity to experience "Kill" in a communal setting before its wide release.


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