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Chattanooga Film Fest 2023' "Mind Body Spirit" - movie review

From the minds of Alex Henes and Matthew Merenda comes this tantalizing little tale MIND BODY SPIRIT. Showing at this year's CHATTANOOGA FILM FEST the story follows an aspiring yoga influencer who stumbles onto a family secret. Anya played by the remarkable Sarah J Bartholomew shines in this proactive supernatural thriller that hits on so many levels. MIND BODY SPIRIT is "Kaisafit" meets DEADSTREAM. This gothic fit-found footage journey is filled with laughs, scares, and consistent dread.

From the start you can tell MIND BODY SPIRIT has the ability to touch some of the great aspects of found footage. So much so that even in the closing credits the filmmakers remind us how cool their shots are. They deserve to as the atmosphere for MIND BODY SPIRT may not be too lavish but it fits nicely for the narrative surrounding the film. Yoga is a practice that is so meaningful to millions of people worldwide. Though like so many aspects of the fitness industry (believe me I have quite the idea!) these days it's all about your social media presence. Anya's friend Kenzie has it down. She has built a following based on all the formulated influencer tactics. Regardless of how long the two have known each other, you can tell at this point in their lives they are miles apart.

The Kenzie aspect is monumental for MIND BODY SPIRIT and it's only enhanced by the performance of Madi Bready. The stress of the influencer is almost as terrifying as the supernatural. Instead of looking over your shoulder at an evil spirit, imagine constantly watching your back for the competition to take your spot. Also, what do you have to do to get there? This is something very serious for young women to think about in the fitness industry even more than their male counterparts. What are we selling? A dream or a nightmare?

I'm super excited for all my yoga practitioner friends to see MIND BODY SPIRIT. As a former Lululemon ambassador myself yoga has become a very important aspect in my life. So to see the wonderful world of horror now including the infinite practice what more could you ask for?


MIND BODY SPIRIT is directed by Alex Henes and Matthew Merenda. It stars Sarah J. Bartholomew, Madi Bready, Anna Knigge, and Kristi Noory.

It will be shown at this year's CHATTANOOGA FILM FESTIVAL 2023.

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