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DYING TO SLEEP Starring Eric Roberts - out July 24

Glass House Distribution released today the trailer for Paris Dylan’s DYING TO SLEEP, starring Eric Roberts and Dave Sheridan. The LGBTQ-theme mystery thriller will be released on-demand and digital everywhere on July 24.

Written, directed andigitallyd produced by Paris Dylan, Dying to Sleep follows a young woman who in desperation to cure her chronic, terrifying nightmares, turns to a reclusive holistic Doctor (Roberts). As her clarity sharpens, she unearths the frightening mystery behind his obscure methods.

Writer/director Paris Dylan commented: "I love films that possess deep messages while maintaining unwavering entertainment. DYING TO SLEEP tackles guilt, family dynamics, mental illness, LGBTQ identity and is also a commentary on old vs new medicine. Another fascinating element is the amount of intricately woven layers between these themes and characters, slowly being revealed as the film progresses." Tom Malloy, Glass House’s CEO added: "The captivating performances and the aesthetic of the film glue you to your seat as you pick up on subtle hints and start to piece together this psychological mystery."

Dylan, Roberts and Sheridan star alongside Victoria Baldesarra (The Raven), Roy Abramsohn (Escape from Tomorrow). The film was produced by Dylan’s Look Mom Media and Mike Hemosa of Wild7Films.


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