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FANTASTIC FEST 21’ “Knocking” - movie review

There’s nothing more terrifying than doubt. If you’ve ever been in the situation where you are the one crying wolf you will understand how alone you truly are. For our starlet in the director Frida Kempff film KNOCKING playing at this year’s FANTASTIC FEST, we walk step by step with a young woman being terrorized from the inside out by doubt. Also dealing with the understanding that no one truly believes her.

KNOCKING is a film that is delivered to show the evil that we as men do. The anguish that you feel for Cecilia Milocco , who plays Molly, is so deep that it unnerves the viewer to watch her helplessness. Moviegoers will want to reach through the screen to help her solve this mystery of this unknown knocking that she’s constantly hearing throughout her apartment. But just like Molly the viewer is also dragged into the mind of instability dealing with a very traumatic past.

KNOCKING hits you right in the stomach from the start of the film and spits on you when you’re laying down on the ground. The morbid vision you’re buried into through the lenses of Cecilia never allow you to find any peace in KNOCKING. Frida does a great job of not only creating a tunnel vision of empathy and anxiety. She provides a very surreal backdrop for how loss we can get between what we want and what has actually happened. While tiptoeing around the notion of being a slow burn the emphatic performances of Milocco allows the viewers to stay entertained throughout.

We were pleasantly surprised by KNOCKING. Loved the way the film wrapped up and was happy to see that there’s gonna be tons of eyes able to witness this in the near future. Not many people understand the horrors that the mind would provide as you move from a traumatic experience back to just "living". Though for those who have been there they’ll remind you that there’s nothing more deceitful and more frightening than feeling like you’re all alone.


KNOCKIING is directed by Frida Kempff. Writers Emma Broström and Johan Theorin

Stars Cecilia Milocco Albin Grenholm and Ville Virtanen

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