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Fantastic Fest 23' Exclusive Interview with Dan Brown and Jessica Garza "Your Lucky Day"

One of the delightful dark comedies featured at this year's festival is "YOUR LUCKY DAY," a film by Dan Brown. When an unexpected group stumbles upon a winning lottery ticket, chaos ensues. Our team thoroughly enjoyed "YOUR LUCKY DAY" and anticipates its future success in distribution. Stay tuned for our upcoming review.

In the meantime, don't miss this exclusive one-on-one interview with filmmaker Dan Brown and the film's star, Jessica Garza. Travis delves into the concept behind "YOUR LUCKY DAY," crazy lottery anecdotes, and the true standout in this film. We extend our gratitude to Dan and Jessica for taking the time for this interview, and watch out for more exciting content about "YOUR LUCKY DAY" coming soon.

Sorry for the lighting Day 1 fest issues!

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