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From the works of Marquis De Sade comes extreme erotic film from director Alex Hernández 'Justine'

Check out these brutal first images from the the Alex Hernandez extreme thriller Justine. Based off the work of obscene and erotic quill handler Marquis De Sade this 2022 Mexican film is on the way. Thanks to the lovely demented folks at TetroVideo we have some exclusive images prior to its release. Look for more details soon.

TetroVideo has released the official images for Justine (Mexico - 2022), the upcoming extreme erotic film from director Alex Hernández (Blood For Flesh, The Prosperity of Vice). Justine is an international TetroVideo exclusive and is freely inspired by the novel “Justine, or the Misfortunes of virtue” (1791) by the well-known French writer Donatien Alphonse François de Sade. TetroVideo plans to release it in 2023. This is a new take on Marquis De Sade’s work, a personal vision in which there are all the eroticism and cruelty of the obscene, french novel. In an interview with PopHorror, Alex Hernández revealed: "The context of Sade’s works can be adapted to any time. I like De Sade’s philosophy, and my version of Justine has something of that. But it also has all the eroticism and cruelty of the novel. It might disappoint people who expect a faithful adaptation of the novel. It’s really just based on an episode where Justine meets Dr. Rodin. I liked the character of the doctor in the novel, but he only appears briefly. I expanded the character, giving him more of an identity. It’s always good to show some difference to the original source material, something for people to discuss after the movie".

Justine follows a young girl (Dan Zapata) who tries desperately to preserve her virtue, but instead finds incitement to vice by Dr. Rodin (Enrique Diaz Duran), a man obsessed with virginity. She recounts the story of her life, detailing the atrocities that have been committed upon her and those that she has willingly been a martyr in. The film is written by Alex Hernández and Juan Manuel Martínez, and stars Dan Zapata, Enrique Diaz Duran, Jacqueline Blanca Bribiesca, Juan Manuel Martinez and Marisela Plaza.

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