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HMUNCUT'S and Submissions & Slashers Podcast Explores RED RIGHT HAND with Scott Haze and Filmmakers Ian and Eshom Nelms

In an exclusive two-part interview series, HMUNCUT'S and Submissions & Slashers Podcast offers an insightful look into the upcoming film RED RIGHT HAND, set to release on February 23rd through Magnolia Pictures. The interviews feature Scott Haze, portraying Finney, and filmmakers Ian and Eshom Nelms.

Part One: Scott Haze's Take on Finney's World

In the initial episode, Scott Haze discusses the complexities of his character Finney in RED RIGHT HAND. The conversation touches on Finney's struggles with faith, battles with alcoholism, and intricate family dynamics. Haze provides an open and honest perspective on his approach to portraying a multi-dimensional character.

Part Two: Behind the Scenes with Filmmakers Ian and Eshom Nelms

In the second part, the podcast explores the filmmaking process with Ian and Eshom Nelms. The brothers share insights into location scouting in Louisville, Kentucky, shedding light on the decision-making behind the film's atmospheric setting. Discussions include working with Orlando Bloom in the role of Cash and the unconventional casting choice of Andie MacDowell as Big Cat, the film's antagonist. The episode provides an inside look into the collaborative effort that brought RED RIGHT HAND to fruition.

A Sneak Peek into RED RIGHT HAND's Intricacies

Throughout both interviews, listeners will gain exclusive details about the making of RED RIGHT HAND. From on-set challenges to character nuances, the podcast promises an immersive exploration of the film's development. As the release date approaches on February 23rd, courtesy of Magnolia Pictures, film enthusiasts can anticipate a comprehensive understanding of RED RIGHT HAND's creation.

Don't miss this HMUNCUT'S and Submissions & Slashers Podcast exclusive event, offering an unfiltered perspective on the captivating world of RED RIGHT HAND. Get ready for an insightful journey into the minds of the actor and filmmakers shaping this cinematic experience.

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