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"I'll Crush Y'All" picked up by Black Mandala

The festival darling "I'll Crush Y'All" secures distribution with Black Mandala, diving into the story of a former fighter's return home to rebuild his life. Amidst family tragedy and personal turmoil, he's forced back into a world he thought he left behind, confronting toxic relationships head-on. Directed by Kike Narcea and starring a stellar cast, including Mario Mayo and Diego Paris, the film promises high-octane action and emotional depth. Check out the new trailer and poster now!


Black Mandala acquires the multi-award-winning action movie, “I'LL CRUSH Y'ALL”, directed by Kike Narcea. The film won AUDIENCE AWARD-MIDNIGHT XTREME in "Sitges Film Fest";  AUDIENCE AWARD  in "Fantastic Fest";  BEST DRAMA FEATURE and BEST DRAMA ACTOR in "SmodCastle"; SPECIAL MENTION in "Dracula Film Fest" and "Sombra Horror Fest"; BEST LATINOAMERICAN ACTOR in "Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre"; BEST FEATURE in "The Gran Cine Carnival Maldives",  "Action Adventure Film & Screenplay Fest" and "Buried Alive Fest". 

Gabriel is a former boxer who lives in a village removed from the city with his father and his dog, Pepe. Everyone knows him by the nickname of Tarado, which he earned in his days as a boxer and, although he could still box, he prefers to lead a quiet life away from everything that led him to spend a few years in prison. For this, he has made several decisions such as leaving his longtime girlfriend, La Mónica, who was a bad influence to start from scratch. But old ghosts always come back, and Tarado will have to deal with the situation the way he knows best: fight.

Directors: Kike Narcea

Script: Kike Narcea 

Cast: Mario Mayo, Diego París, Fabia Castro, Fernando Gil, Antonio Mayans, Raúl Jiménez, Ana Márquez, Lone Fleming. 

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