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MORTIIS Reveals 'Transmissions From The Western Walls Of Time'

Dungeon synth pioneer, MORTIIS has announced the release of Transmissions From The Western Walls Of Time - a live recording from 1997.

Very few audio documents exist of the handful of shows MORTIIS did in the 90s, and this is one of the few we were able to dig up. This recording was captured by an unknown person, bringing a video camera or cassette recorder to the show. The show was at the Transmission Theatre, now defunct, in San Francisco, November 12, 1997.

Transmissions From The Western Walls Of Time was released on limited edition classic black vinyl, and a strictly limited edition silver vinyl, which is now sold out. Both vinyl versions include an A2 sized poster. It is also available on Digipack CD.

The silver vinyl, was offered to members of the Fan Club/Patreon group Cult Of Thee Black Wizards which is a subscription based Fan Club style group. Membership includes free download of around 40 releases, studio updates, priority ordering of limited edition releases, exclusive merchandise, a monthly/bi-monthly video chat for members only (via a private members only Facebook Group).

Artwork was made by David Thierree.

Track list - Transmissions From The Western Walls Of Time 1. Intro 2. Reisene til Grotter og Odemarker (excerpt) 3. Battles on Ice 4. Ferden og Kallet 5. En Sirkel av Kosmisk Kaos 6. Under Tarnet's Skygge 7. Outro

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