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Panic Fest 24' "Cannibal Mukbang" movie review

Cannibal Mukbang streaming on the Panic Fest Virtual Platform starting 4/5

"Welcome to the world of 'mukbang,' a South Asian sensation that's surely capturing a good chunk of OnlyFans sales in the States. It was only a matter of time before a filmmaker elevated this already fascinating phenomenon to another level. In Aimee Kuge's 'Cannibal Mukbang,' we're treated to a story of love, gluttony, and good old-fashioned cannibalism. Beware, that cam girl you admire might have a different menu in mind!

The film follows Mark (Nate Wise), a typical customer service rep with a metal plate in his head and a penchant for routine. He crosses paths with Ash (April Consalo), a confident woman with an edge. Despite their differences, they bond over food. Kuge and the cast infuse the narrative with a love story vibe, particularly highlighting Mark's struggles, including his misogynistic and wild older brother, Maverick.

Ash embodies the persona of a single woman thriving on the internet, fitting right in with Reddit pages and Instagram feeds catering to various kinks. While it would've been interesting to explore the global impact of this phenomenon, the film still delivers on all fronts.

Gore fans need not worry; 'Cannibal Mukbang' serves up plenty of body horror, expertly handled by the production team led by Deana M Biagi and Matt Weir. Similar to indie hit 'Do Not Disturb,' the pulsating drive of 'Cannibal Mukbang' lies in its love story. When faced with the reality behind desire, one must choose to flee or stay. For downtrodden Mark, the choice isn't hard to predict, adding a charming touch reminiscent of 'Once Bitten.'

Expect 'Cannibal Mukbang' to stand tall among indie horror films of 2023-24. Catch it at a festival or screening this spring and summer.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5"

Cannibal Mukbang is directed by Aimee Kuge and stars April Consalo, Nate Wise, Clay von Carlowitz.

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