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Panic Fest 24' "The Ceremony Is About to Begin" - movie review

In "The Ceremony Is About to Begin," director Sean Nichols Lynch and his team embark on a daring venture into the realm of found footage, crafting a documentary-style exploration of the ancient art of mummification. This unconventional approach to horror storytelling presents a refreshing departure from traditional narratives, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the genre.

The film kicks off with a slow burn, gradually immersing audiences into its eerie world. However, it's the introduction of writer and co-star Chad Westbrook Hinds that truly sets the tone, infusing the narrative with a sinister energy that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Hinds's portrayal of Anubis, the enigmatic leader of the Osiris Community, is nothing short of mesmerizing, adding layers of complexity to the character and driving the plot forward with a palpable sense of unease.

As the story unfolds, we follow Keith (played by John Laird), a filmmaker on a quest for love who finds himself drawn into the mysterious world of the Osiris Community after reconnecting with his lost love. What begins as a simple search for answers soon descends into a nightmarish descent into madness, as Keith uncovers the dark secrets lurking within the commune and the twisted mind of Anubis.

While "The Ceremony Is About to Begin" may not break new ground in the found footage genre, it excels in delivering a thrilling cinematic experience that will leave audiences reeling. Drawing inspiration from films like "Creep" and "Rec," Lynch and his team expertly build tension throughout, culminating in a jaw-dropping finale that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

But it's not just the pulse-pounding thrills that make this film stand out. The seamless blend of found footage and documentary-style storytelling adds an extra layer of depth, offering viewers a glimpse into the characters' lives and motivations that is both engaging and immersive.

Overall, "The Ceremony Is About to Begin" is a charming indie feature that manages to strike the perfect balance between horror and dark comedy. With its unique premise, captivating performances, and thrilling conclusion, it's sure to leave audiences both laughing and screaming in equal measure.

⭐️⭐️✨ /5

Director: Sean Nichols Lynch

Screenwriter: Sean Nichols Lynch, Chad Westbrook Hinds, John Laird

Cast: Chad Westbrook Hinds, John Laird

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