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Popcorn Frights Film Festival 23' "Psychosis" - movie review

One of the first entries to this years POPCORN FRIGHTS festival for me is the Pirie Martin feature PSYCHOSIS. This chaos to the cerebellum won't be forgotten anytime soon as the lure of uneasiness is on full display. Viewers will have to bite down on this one the senses get a full scraping in this black and white intense feature.

PYSCHOSIS follows Cliff a criminal fixer with a head full of voices trying to complete one last contract before he's out. Nothing in life comes easy to a person that hallucinates 24 -7 and you the viewer get taken along each and every step. Part noir crime thriller part art house genre ASMR mash up. PSCHOSIS disguises the plight of Cliff among the horrors he and you witness in the over 90 minutes. How you feel after watching will surely be up to your internal thoughts but at least there is some decent pacing to the film.

One of the more surprising aspects of the film is the almost TAXI DRIVER styled story line that follows Cliff. The only issue is the minute you are invested on whats happening your mind is once again raped by visual and auditory orgasms that throw you off of whatever story line is being presented. I do feel it will make it hard for viewers to follow but I also feel as if Martin did this on purpose. Similar to many films ive seen as of late this is art. Not just an ordinary feature. So you really need to sit back and open up your mind , body and ears to this production to get an overall feel for what PSYCHOSIS brings.

This film is madness! It will also make you go insane trying to explain to yourself what you are watching. Kudos to all involves including the great performance work by Derryn Amoroso. I'm sure it won't be one of my favorites from the festival but PYSCHOSIS is a standout for sure.


PSYCHOSIS is Written and Directed by: Pirie Martin

Starring: Derryn Amoroso, Kate Holly Hall, Henry Errington, Michael Wilkop, PJ Van Gyen, James McCluskey-Garcia, Mark Healy, and Dorian Tisato

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