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Popcorn Frights Film Festival 23' - "Sorry, Charlie" - movie review

Serial killers are making quite the comeback in horror and that is always a good thing. Honestly I expected to see a slew of these films after the pandemic, as the killer meets final girl, dynamic is always easy to pull off. So when I first heard the premise of Colton Tran's SORRY CHARLIE I was intrigued. The film is a dread filled anxiety cluster but

I feel a little too predictable to keep some viewers interested.

I really enjoy the idea of SORRY, CHARLIE. Maybe you have heard of the alligators in Florida mimicking dogs then attacking people? Well the "gentlemen's" tactics are quite similar. He lures victims with the sound of a baby crying in the distance. One of the victims Charlie, (Kathleen Kennedy) is dealing with her new life the best she can. She works as a volunteer on a suicide line while carrying a child from this killer who raped her. That subplot along is intense enough to spark a mini series so it leads to a lot to desire in SORRY, CHARLIE.

SORRY, CHARLIE is an unapologetic cat and mouse thriller. The allure of the hidden identity of the killer sets the viewers up lofty expectations. If you don't become a detective while watching SORRY, CHARLIE you aren't paying attention. This film has true crime drama all over it and that audience will surely indulge in SORRY, CHARLIE.

Most viewers will enjoy the pacing of the second half of the film. Though it's too hard not to see what's coming. A twist of a twist of a twist could throw this film over the edge but it would possible miss out on the point. SORRY, CHARLIE, like the callers on the hotline, is wrapped up in fear and desolation. If you experiences these feeling when watching the film you will see the cunningness behind it.


SORRY, CHARLIE is directed by Colton Tran and stars Kathleen Kennedy, Travis William Harris, and Maria Olsen.

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