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Popcorn Frights Film Festival "Don't Look Away" - movie review

Every year there is one cult-worthy film that horror fans can't wait for others to see. In 2023, that film is DON'T LOOK AWAY. This late-night gem reminiscent of VHS classics has horror fans dying for more.

DON'T LOOK AWAY comes from director Michael Bafaro and delivers insane thrills about a killer mannequin stalking teens. To survive, there's only one rule to follow: don't look away. With its steamy lighting, hazy effects, and gritty angles, this grindhouse flick will give viewers the time of their lives.

This is no ordinary creepy doll film. It's a living nightmare mannequin straight from the '80s kids show "Today's Special." DON'T LOOK AWAY will surprise audiences with jumps and chills throughout. There are campy moments where you'll laugh at yourself for being scared of the naked plastic man.

The special effects are seamlessly surreal, with no visible glitches or editing tricks. As a student of giallo horror, Bafaro masters the sinister placement of the mannequin. DON'T LOOK AWAY kicks right into the carnage from the start, capitalizing on the terror of a silent, stalking monster.

It's hard not to enjoy this homage to late-night horror. Just when you think no one could make a film about a killer mannequin that moves when you aren't watching, here it is. How often have we walked around a department store asking ourselves, "Is that mannequin following me?" Who knows, so don't look away!

With its old-school vibe and relentless suspense, DON'T LOOK AWAY is destined to become a cult favorite. Horror fans looking for a thrilling throwback will find everything they want here. Just remember: 4/5 stars and don't look away!


DON'T LOOK AWAY is directed by Micheal Bafaro and stars Kelly Bastard, Michael Mitton, Colm Hill, Rene Lai, Abu Dukuly, Brittany Pilgrim and Sophie Thom.

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