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"Ride" - movie review

"Ride," written, directed by, and starring Jake Allyn, is a fascinating family drama that delves deep into the life of a bull rider who grapples more with the highs and lows of his own addiction and checkered past than the chaos of the bull. Interestingly, the bull represents his sanctuary, a place where he finds peace amidst his tumultuous life. However, when a pressing situation arises and he owes money to the wrong person, he must make a harrowing choice between family and fear.

Jake Allyn delivers a compelling lead performance, showcasing his prowess both on and off the screen. His portrayal of the troubled bull rider is layered and authentic, making him a standout star. It's also a pleasure to see C. Thomas Howell in the role of Jake’s father, adding depth and gravitas to the family dynamic.

"Ride" tackles elements that resonate deeply with society today—jail, drug addiction, and cancer. These themes, woven into the narrative, reflect the fabric of contemporary American life. The film serves as a poignant parallel to the everyday obstacles we face as humans.

The movie masterfully blends a sincere crime thriller with the fast-paced, high-octane action of bull riding, creating a visual treat for fans. While the tones of cancer might be a bit distressing, the core of the story revolves around a family that has already lost one son to crime and is on the brink of losing a daughter to cancer. This emotional undercurrent adds depth and urgency to the narrative.

"Ride" may well be one of the best action dramas of the year. It expertly combines the dramatic intensity of shows like "Shameless" with the adrenaline-fueled action of "Sons of Anarchy." Though its acquisition by Well Go USA might seem surprising, it perfectly fits their mold of family-centric, spectacular drama, and action-packed storytelling.

Overall, "Ride" delivers a powerful and engaging cinematic experience, earning a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars.



Directed by: Jake Allyn

Written by: Jake Allyn, Josh Plasse

Produced by: Conor Allyn, Jake Allyn, Rob Allyn

Executive Produced by: Shaun Silva

Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Annabeth Gish, Jake Allyn, Patrick Murney, Josh Plasse, Laci Kaye Booth, Scott Reeves, and Zia Carlock, with Forrie J. Smith

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