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SCREAMFEST 23 Closing night film "Lord of Misrule" hits theaters December 8th

Just ahead of its highly-anticipated world premiere at Screamfest, William Brent Bell (known for "THE BOY" and "ORPHAN: FIRST KILL") unveils his latest creation, "LORD OF THE MISRULE," with a confirmed release date. Magnet Releasing has set the stage for a theatrical and VOD debut in December.

This captivating, gothic-inspired dark fairytale is set to make its world premiere tomorrow night, on October 19th, at Screamfest LA. Anticipate a flurry of reactions and reviews popping up across various platforms, from IMDB to Letterboxd, this weekend, with our very own review coming your way in the near future!

Directed by William Brent Bell (THE BOY, ORPHAN: FIRST KILL), LORD OF MISRULE follows Rebecca Holland (Tuppence Middleton), who has recently taken over as priest of a small town. When her young daughter Grace (Evie Templeton) goes missing at the local harvest festival, a desperate search begins. The closer they edge towards finding Grace, the more secrets emerge from the town’s dark past. Soon, Rebecca must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to rescue her daughter from the grip of evil.

Magnet Releasing will release LORD OF MISRULE in theaters and on VOD

December 8th, 2023


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