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Tribeca + Epic Games Launch WRITING IN UNREAL Program for Indie Filmmakers

This fall, Tribeca and Epic Games are gearing up to host WRITING IN UNREAL, a program that will bring Unreal Engine (UE), the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool for pixel perfect visuals and immersive experiences, to independent filmmakers.

Featuring three days of sessions, live in New York City on November 16 - 18, this program will open new doors for independent filmmakers and allow them to gain first-hand knowledge from UE experts and fellow colleagues on how to use Unreal -- not only in production -- but to help craft great stories.

The program will also invite a select number of writers and directors by closed invitation to participate in a month-long intensive. These filmmakers will have the ability to be paired with dedicated Unreal Engine artists to workshop a scene from a project in development.

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