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Vampire Comedy starring Jamie Kennedy and Matt Rife "Don't Suck"on demand and digital 12/1

In Theaters & On Demand/Digital: December 1, 2023**

Prepare for a comedy experience like no other as "Don't Suck" takes the stage, presenting a fresh and hilarious take on the vampire genre. In theaters and available on demand/digital starting December 1, 2023, this film promises to sink its teeth into your funny bone.

**Pete (Jamie Kennedy)**, a seasoned road comic who thought he'd seen it all, is in for a wild ride when he encounters his new opening act, the struggling comic and vampire extraordinaire, **Ethan (Matt Rife)**. As these unlikely partners hit the road together, Pete's world is turned upside down, and he quickly discovers that his new friend's comedic talents are not the only thing that bites.

As the duo navigates the highs and lows of life on tour, Pete finds himself living out his dream of becoming a true comic's comic. "Don't Suck" promises a unique blend of humor, camaraderie, and a touch of the supernatural, making it a must-watch for comedy and vampire enthusiasts alike.

Mark your calendars for December 1, 2023, and get ready to sink your fangs into the laughter-filled adventure that is "Don't Suck." Whether you catch it in theaters or from the comfort of your own home, this comedy promises to leave you howling with laughter!


Jamie Kennedy, Matt Rife, Ellen Hollman, Russell Peters, Lauren Compton, Jimmie Walker, Jimmy Shubert, Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson

Directed by

RJ Collins

Written by

Rick D'Elia


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