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Arrow Fright Fest 2021: “The Retaliators” - movie review

Let’s just be honest it’s about time that there is a film that just kicks ass nothing more nothing less. The ass kicking that I’m talking about it’s similar to the ass kicking that Rusev would give as he continues his new plunge into his love affair of wrestling with AEW. Better Noise Films invaded Arrow's Fright Fest this past Monday evening with a nice little film by the name of THE RETALIATORS. The film stars and is produced by Mr. Michael Lombardi who most of you will know as "prop" from RESCUE ME the popular television show. This insane thrill ride of a movie from Samuel Gonzalez Junior and Bridget Smith catapults the retro vibe into the 90s with a COBRA KAI soundtrack and nothing but late night mayhem.

Rounding out the cash in this awesome violent portrayal of a night gone wrong is Mark Menchaca from OZARK Joseph Gatt from Z NATION and the Cinemax show BANSHEE plus members from the rock bands ESCAPE THE FATE and PAPA ROACH. From the start you can tell THE RETALIATORS is metal the film, stays metal and it ends metal. The viewers will feel like their hair grow into the bad ass mullets once they finish watching THE RETALIATORS.

In THE RETALIATORS we find a preacher who decides to let his daughter go out to a party for and unfortunately she ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time. From there we get to see multiple collisions of characters who all seem to be geared towards the same intention but their routes to get their start very different from each other. You would think the biggest issue the characters would face would be "Derek Mears" looking ass Joseph Gatt but that is so far from the truth as you find out there is something else that is way, way more terrifying than what’s right in front of them.

HonestlyTHE RETALIATORS it’s just a lot of fun you’re going to be laughing at the soundtrack the minute the music comes on. Montages that will just drive you up the wall. Plus the characters themselves are as hand-picked from multiples of features you have seen stretching from the late 80s to the early 90s from flicks like CRITTERS to BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 and so on. Clearly filmmakers in this day and age have no problem taking this progression that was created back when Tarantino and everyone started making their retro GrindHouse Movies. We’ve just really jumped out of the 80s retro phase and lo and behold here comes the lovely 90s and Samuel Gonzalez Junior with Bridget Smith are coming at you in full force with what they have in THE RETALIAATTORS. It’s hard to deny though how fun this film is tons of gore tons of things to make you cringe so keep away your friends with a weak stomachs. Sit down and enjoy every single moment of it because its one of the features you got to see before the end of the year.


The Retaliators screened at Arrow Video FrightFest

Stars Michael Lombardi, Marc Menchaca, Joseph Gatt,

& Features the Acting Debut of Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix

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