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Cunning heist drama "Midas" heads to theaters June 28th

The world is facing an ever-increasing healthcare crisis. In the crime drama "Midas," filmmaker TJ Noel-Sullivan explores this issue through the story of a young man driven to desperate measures when insurance fails to cover his mother's medical needs. Check out the trailer and share your thoughts in the comments. "Midas" hits theaters on June 28th.

Recent college grad Ricky Pryce feels stuck delivering food orders while supporting his sick mother. He's soon invited to attend a friend mixer where he meets Claire Brent, daughter of the MIDAS Health Insurance CEO. His lies of attending Harvard meant to win her over end up landing him a job at MIDAS — the same company that laid off his mother. After a few weeks on the job, Ricky realizes he can't keep up the facade for much longer, and devises a plan to set up fraudulent payouts to fund his mother’s surgery, enlisting help from his friends Victor and Sunita, who have their own financial woes.

After their heist goes surprisingly well, tech savvy Victor explains he's uncovered a dark secret: MIDAS has been buying large amounts of data, including DNA reports, on their policyholders and terminating their policies before big payouts. Faced with this discovery, the team must choose between keeping their ill-gotten gains or exposing the insurance giant's scheme and risking exposure.

“With MIDAS, we set out to create a heist film for a new generation. Entertainment Squad’s commitment to bold storytelling made them the perfect partner to bring this electrifying vision to audiences," said director TJ Noel-Sullivan. Entertainment Squad CEO Shaked Berenson added, “MIDAS combines thrilling heist action with a sharp critique of health insurance injustices, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate films that entertain and challenge the status quo.”

MIDAS is written, directed, and produced by TJ Noel-Sullivan. Produced by Kristina Cuello and Erik Bloomquist. Cinematography by Mike Curry. Production design by Aariyan Googe. Composed by Isabel Belen Guarco. Featuring Original Music by 'Anoyd'. A Hartford Film Company production.

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