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Introducing Another Brainy Idea and Their Upcoming Development Slate

(Photo Credit: Rose Pierce)


Another Brainy Idea, a Los Angeles-based development, financing, and production entity, is thrilled to announce its development slate, featuring a diverse array of projects aimed at audiences worldwide. Led by industry veteran Meyer Shwarzstein, former CEO of Brainstorm Media, the company prides itself on market-focused, creator-friendly collaborations that produce life-affirming content.

In 2023, as Shwarzstein's daughter Michelle Shwarzstein assumed control of Brainstorm Media's distribution business, he founded Another Brainy Idea. Nicole Guenthard, formerly Manager of Development and Production at Brainstorm Media, now assumes the role of Vice President of Development and Production at Another Brainy Idea. Bringing a wealth of experience, including her role as Executive Producer of GLAAD nominated Friends and Family Christmas, Hallmark's pioneering lesbian-focused Christmas romance. Nicole previously contributed to many projects at Brainstorm Media for Lifetime, BET, and Hallmark.

Maintaining strong ties with major US-based platforms, Another Brainy Idea is committed to enhancing results in a way that can only be done through collaboration, evident in enduring partnerships on projects such as "THE TALENTED RIBKINS" with Reuben Cannon Productions. 

Reuben shares, "Meyer is an outstanding producing partner with a rich imagination, extensive industry resources, and a positive, forward-thinking approach, making him a joy to work with."

Shwarzstein emphasizes, "Every project takes time, energy, patience, and passion, so you’d better be in business with good people - and we’re working with some of the best. It makes the entire endeavor a pleasure." Another Brainy Idea remains dedicated to producing content that resonates globally, and the upcoming slate reflects our commitment to diverse and impactful storytelling.

Development Slate:

Among the various projects in development, Another Brainy Idea is excited to present a sneak peek into its upcoming slate:


Transforming Trash Into Harmony

Based on the acclaimed documentary of the same name. The inspiring story revolves around Favio Moran, a teacher who orchestrates an ensemble of children using instruments crafted from landfill refuse. Written by José Rivera, directed by Marcos Bernstein, and produced by Rodolfo Madero, Michael Richter, and Meyer Shwarzstein, the film promises to be a moving testament to the transformative power of music. Executive Producers include Alejandra Amarilla, Rick Berg, and Jonathan Dana.


A Superpowered Saga of Family Legacy and Survival

Adapted from the novel by Ladee Hubbard, the genre-blending "The Talented Ribkins" follows Johnny racing across Florida with his niece to repay a debt. Along the way, they unravel family secrets. Johnny becomes her mentor in harnessing and utilizing her superpowers. Produced by Reuben Cannon, Michael Richter, Jon Shestack, and Meyer Shwarzstein. 


An Animated Adventure Beyond Wishes

Based on the acclaimed movie from Base Media, "Wish Dragon" transforms into an animated series. Following the adventures of Long, a magical dragon, and Din, his young human friend, as they travel the world granting wishes, the series is sure to charm audiences. Consulting Producer David Steinberg, along with producers Chris Bremble and Meyer Shwarzstein, promise an enchanting tale of good intentions gone awry.

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