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"Need help?" Clip from 'You Can't Run Forever' starring J.K. Simmons in theaters and on demand this week

J.K. Simmons brings a blend of dark humor and unsettling tension in new clips from Michelle Schumacher's "You Can't Run Forever." In one scene, he encounters Isabelle Anaya, who defiantly throws sand in his face, but Simmons maintains an unnerving calm. In another chilling moment, he casually eats lunch in his victim's car, ridiculing the mismatch of a knife against a gun. These clips highlight the film's disturbing yet darkly humorous tone, capturing Miranda's harrowing struggle against a relentless serial killer. Don't miss the captivating performance of J.K. Simmons in this unnerving thriller, arriving in theaters and on-demand May 17th.

Miranda, a young woman already suffering from acute anxiety due to a past tragedy, faces a new terror when a serial killer chooses her as his new target. In a harrowing hunt through the woods, Miranda finds strength she never knew she had as she tries to elude her murderous tracker. Academy Award® winner J.K. Simmons stars in a spine-chilling thriller about the strength of family and the astonishing power of the human spirit. 

"Need help? "--Featuring J.K. Simmons and Isabelle Anaya

You Can't Run Forever (2024) Official Clip 'A Knife to a Gunfight' - J.K. Simmons

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