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New series SEARCHING FOR THE MIKINAAK - Join the search May 26th!

Tribal elders have long passed down legends about giant animals roaming the North Woods of Minnesota -- that should be left alone…. In “Searching for the Mikinaak,” a limited docuseries premiering May 26 on Amazon, we meet a group of highly resourceful friends, some with dubious motives, racing to find a mysterious large animal roaming the waters of Minnesota. As the six-part series unfolds, a shocking and disturbing journey for the alliance quickly unravels, with some in the group determined to hunt down the beast and kill it, and others on a quest to save it. The race is on, with the elusive creature’s fate hanging in the balance.

DIRECTOR: Adam Zuehlke PRODUCED BY Zenoscope Productions, EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Adam Zuehlke, Pete L’Allier


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