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Official Poster and Trailer for Dread Presents' TIN CAN - Available In Select Theaters August 5

As the world faces a deadly plague, humanity's hope for a cure lies with a scientist, Fret, who awakens imprisoned in a metal chamber and must desperately work to escape her confined cell to save the last of humanity. Directed and co-written by Seth A Smith (The Crescent, Lowlife), TIN CAN stars Anna Hopkins (The Expanse, V/H/S/94), Simon Mutabazi (Across The Line, Thug), and Michael Ironside.

Cold, pale and in the dark, Fret (Anna Hopkins) crashes back to consciousness inside a small metal chamber. Inside her confined cell, Fret attempts to piece together how she was imprisoned. As a scientist, who was on the brink of discovering a cure from a deadly plague, Fret desperately works to escape her cell to save the last of humanity.

Director: Seth A Smith

Cast: Anna Hopkins, Simon Mutabazi, Michael Ironside, Tim Dunn, Kristin Langille, Amy Trefry, Chik White, Woodrow Graves

TIN CAN Trailer

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