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Panic Fest 24' "New Life" - movie review

The virus thriller "New Life" from Jack Rosman emerged as a standout during "Panic Fest," offering a manically paced thrill ride from start to finish. Rosman seamlessly blends two intertwined stories, united by a horror contagion that threatens humanity's existence. The dynamic narrative, coupled with stellar performances by Sonya Walger and Hayley Erin, elevates the film to exceed expectations, delivering a relevant contagion narrative for today's audiences.

Hayley Erin captivates from the outset with her portrayal of a character on the run, her motives shrouded in uncertainty and fear as she navigates towards the border. Walger's depiction of "Elsa" adds depth, portraying the harrowing experience of facing the early stages of ALS while also being tasked with locating a deadly mysterious woman. Both narratives are integral to the film's impact, keeping audiences engaged despite some predictable elements.

"New Life" surprisingly exceeds expectations in its makeup and creature effects, presenting undead visuals that surpass those of the film "Azrael." The meticulous attention to detail enhances the portrayal of the undead menace, adding to the film's overall impact. Despite some predictability, the satisfyingly gruesome visuals and captivating performances ensure an engaging viewing experience from beginning to end.

Beyond the trailers' offerings, "New Life" proves to be a sleeper hit, set to captivate audiences during spring and summer theater runs. The rewarding performances of the leads, coupled with unapologetic carnage and beautifully shot scenes by Mark Evans, ensure a satisfying cinematic experience from start to finish.



In Theaters and On Demand May 3

Directed/Written by

John Rosman


Sonya Walger, Hayley Erin, Tony Amendola

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