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"The infancy stages of dread" 'Baby Ruby' - movie review

Childbirth for so many is such a joyous occasion. For some it is a living nightmare and there is evidence pointing to both perspectives as okay. From my own experiences as a parent I can tell you they were quite different from my friends. Although a strong surrounding community is usually the best thing for a new mother in Bess Wohl's BABY RUBY things aren't what they always seem. This parenting nightmare pushes your aural faculty to the limits. BABY RUBY has great a mixture of millennial parenting guilt paired nicely with a ROSEMARY'S BABY type of acknowledgment.

BABY RUBY follows influencer Jo played by Noémie Merlant. She is learning how to put down the phone and pick up her new child and its not going well. Not only is the baby very erratic and disturbed Jo herself is falling to pieces. When she meets a group of housewives who seem eager to be her friend, paranoia and fear starts to develop of their true intentions. No matter the issue with the neighbors the real problem lies with Jo and if she's capable of being a parent. When I say the baby is terrible to be around it is not an understatement. I even lowered the volume a few time myself on the initial watch. BABY RUBY really speaks to me about sacrifice. It's something that is harder to do than initially perceived. Even those who look to receive no financial benefit from social media can't stay away. Parenting is under such a microscope right now because there has always been distractions for kids. Now there are just as many distractions for parents as there are for kids. One of the moments of true clarity is when Jo herself realizes her own audience neglect. I'll be curious to the response of BABY RUBY as puts a very weird light on motherhood that I feel is still being developed in today's society. We've had the career focused mothers for sometime now but this the evolution of the mother hustler. She's not on a 9-5er so handling a kid should be no issue right? Watch the film to find out.

I'll have to give BABY RUBY another watch to grasp more of what's being show. This is a mother going through hell and dealing with uncertainty. It's solid allegory for dealing with personal sacrifice to want something perceived as greater. It is possible you won't feel the same way but it's an intriguing watch for sure.


BABY RUBY is Written and Directed by Bess Wohl

Starring Noémie Merlant and Kit Harington

Magnet Releasing will release BABY RUBY in theaters and on demand February 3, 2023

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