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Tribeca 24' Cronenbergian sci-fi comedy "The A-Frame" makes world premiere at 'Midnight' section of TFF


Get ready for the exciting debut of "The A-Frame" at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival's Midnight section. Directed by Calvin Lee Reeder and starring Johnny Whitworth, Nik Dodani, and Dana Namerode, this sci-fi comedy follows a quantum physicist who creates a portal to a sub-atomic parallel universe. In his experiments with inter-dimensional travel, he stumbles upon an unexpected breakthrough—a potential cure for cancer discovered through the transfer of lab rats.

A quantum physicist develops a machine that creates a tunnel to a sub-atomic parallel universe. In his quest to prove the machine's efficacy, he inadvertently discovers an unorthodox cancer treatment when transporting lab rats inter-dimensionally. He now recruits human subjects to legitimize his efforts.

 WRITER/DIRECTOR: Calvin Lee Reeder

CAST: Johnny Whitworth, Dana Namerode, Nik Dodani, Laketa Caston

The film's screenings at the festival are as follows:

- Friday, June 7th at 8:30pm at AMC 19th St. East 6, Theater 2 (890 Broadway, New York, NY) - World Premiere

- Saturday, June 8th at 9:30pm at AMC 19th St. East 6, Theater 6 (890 Broadway, New York, NY)

- Friday, June 14th at 9:15pm at Village East Cinema, Theater 6 (181-189 2nd Avenue, New York, NY)

Keep an eye out for trailers, clips, and more exciting updates as we approach the world premiere of this captivating and innovative film!

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