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8/2 Paranormal Docuseries THE SKUNK APE EXPERIMENTS Takes Florida Men to a New Nightmare

Every day, new headlines launch about Florida Men, but OutKast Paranormal takes a look at Florida Men in a way you've never seen before: on the hunt for the Florida Bigfoot, the elusive skunk ape. The new docuseries from cryptid crusader Stacy Brown Jr and executive producer James Brost asks: does something exist in the Florida swamps that even tabloids wouldn't believe?

The Skunk Ape Experiments debuts on major streaming platforms on August 2nd, from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW.

Brown leads his bearded cast on three different investigations that are woven together to keep the experience moving as the team explores central Florida’s biggest gator infested hell-hole – Myakka River State Park. These investigations look into what feral beasts hide in the swamps, whether a neighborhood has been "cursed" for seeing too much in the moss, and what really happened in Crowley House, a manor with a history of hauntings, UFO sightings, and mysterious beasts.

The Skunk Ape Experiments are the first three films of the live-action, graphic-novel series that follows OutKast Paranormal, a rag-tag group of Florida Men, as they tackle the most insane experiments in hopes of finding proof of a Florida Bigfoot AKA Skunk Ape. Stacy Brown Jr. (The Skunk Ape Lives, "Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty"), Ryan ‘RPG’ Golembeske ("Finding Bigfoot", "Expedition Bigfoot") and paranormal researcher James Brost lead this bearded cast on three different investigations as the team explores central Florida’s Myakka River State Park. Don’t let the Spanish moss dancing in a gentle breeze and sun-bathing gators fool you: Once night falls, everything hunts, kills and feeds and nobody is crazy enough to charge the swamps at night like OutKast Paranormal.

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